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"It's our turn to win and get payback": Kang Sang-woo ACL Interview

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Pohang Steelers full-back Kang Sang-woo believes that it is the Steelers' turn to win, after losing and drawing with Nagoya Grampus in the AFC Champions League already this season. The two teams meet again this Sunday with a place in the last four up for grabs.

On playing with notable absentees:

"Before the Cerezo Osaka game, we lost to Daegu. The mood among the players was a bit low but it was going to be a game that was Korea versus Japan. The manager said to us that, even though there are injuries, ultimately we have to face the situation head-on, we have to win, not shirk away from it and that we had to find what it is that we are best at. So, rather than thinking about the injured players, we just tried to focus on what we do well. I think as one team, all working together we were able to gain a bit of focus."

On beating Cerezo Osaka in Japan:

"That defeat to Daegu before the Cerezo Osaka game was like medicine for us. We took the lead but then conceded two and lost the match. Against Cerezo, the things that went wrong against Daegu came to mind. There was regret among the players afterwards, it was difficult for us. So against Cerezo, we had the mindset of making sure that we outworked them, to the point where we couldn't even walk after the game because of how hard we've run, to be able to leave the stadium without any regrets. I think that's why we were able to protect our 1-0 lead against Cerezo. "

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On Pohang's ACL chances and playing Nagoya again:

"Since it's a tournament, rather than setting targets you do your best in each game. If you look at it like that, I think you can reach the final. Whichever team we would face in the quarter-finals will be strong so it's going to be tough and the preparation will be the same. I think there is definitely an advantage for us playing them in Korea. We played Nagoya twice in the group stage, lost the first one and drew the second so I think it's our turn to win, or an opportunity to get payback."

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