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2021 K League 1 Top Three Teams: Construction

league 2021.12.21   I   조회수 137

Next in the 2021 K League 1 Top Threes series is a look at which teams excel at construction. Ulsan, owned by Hyundai Heavy Industries, sits top in many of these construction-related categories.


Pass and move that's the Horangi groove. It is according to the K League Data Portal which shoes that the pass masters of K League 1 in 2021 were Ulsan Hyundai. Hong Myung-bo's men made 18,941 passes this season, that's 498.45 per 90 minutes. The Horangi's East Coast Derby rivals Pohang Steelers come second with 16,601 (436.87 per 90) with Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors third at 16,383 (431.13 per 90).

Key Passes

Unlocking a defence with an incisive pass that leads to a shot? Regardless of the reasons why a pass that leads to a shot on goal is called a "key pass," Suwon FC made the most of them in 2021 with 307, which works out at 8.08 per 90 minutes. Ulsan ranked second with 291 (7.66 per 90) while Daegu FC came in third with 291 (7.66 per 90 minutes) - just their places in the K League 1 league table.

Passes to Final Third

To make a key pass or an assist, first, you have to get the ball into the final third - or a least it would be of great help. Ulsan did this the most in 2021 with 3,472 passes into the oppositions final third (91.37 per 90). Jeonbuk were second with 3,211 (84.50), while FC Seoul, a team that finished in the bottom half of the table, round off the top three with 3,205 (84.34 per 90 minutes).

Long Passes

Sometimes, going route one is the best option; to get the ball up into your old fashioned number nine or simply because the manager wants the ball up the pitch as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason might be, Ulsan actually made the most long passes in 2021 with 1,788 (47.05 per 90), ahead of Pohang Steelers in second with 1,769 (46.55 per 90), and Kim Do-kyun's Suwon FC with 1,559 (41.03 per 90 minutes), a team which does have something of an old fashioned number nine in Lars Veldwijk. 

Forward Passes

If the ball is moving forward, you have more chance of scoring. That seemed to be the outlook of Hong Myong-bo who's Ulsan Hyundai team made the most forward passes in 2021 with 6,240 (164.21 per 90). Ulsan were ahead of Jeonbuk in second with 5,990 (157.63 per 90) and, FC Seoul, a Final B team that ranked highly in passes made to the final third too, which rounds off the top three for forward passes with 5,657 (148.87).

Paul Neat
Managing Editor