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2022 K League Technical Report

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The Korea Professional Football Federation recently published its annual technical report looking back at last season. The 2022 K League Technical Report compiles game data, tactics and strategies used throughout the domestic campaign.

The technical report contains the analysis results of K League teams' strategies and tactics last season based on the data collected by the Techincal Study Group (TSG) under the Federation's Technical Committee. In 2022, TSG Chairman Park Tae-ha, 13 technical committee members, and one video analyst carried out the K League's game evaluation and analysis.

The composition of this technical report is made up of an analysis of eight topics, including the introduction of the TSG and an interview with Chairman Park Tae-ha, the 2022 season K League overview, features on tactical trends in addition to information on all K League 1 and 2 teams.

This report aims to increase expertise by including TSG technical committee members' analysis report on the teams and by including in-depth analysis using various data that were not disclosed during the season, such as sequence data, pressure strength, and ball acquisition heat map.

The 2022 K League Technical Report is produced in two versions in the form of an e-book, a Korean version and an English version, and can be viewed by anyone on the home page of the official K League website. This is the first time that a technical report has been published in English.

The federation has been publishing the K League Technical Report annually since the 2016 season. From September last year, a "Monthly TSG" series has also been posted on the K League's official website every month to provide fans with in-depth reading on K League tactics.

In the future, the federation plans to incorporate the latest analysis technology into technical reports and strengthen its expertise to help field leaders analyze and create K League content that fans can enjoy.