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K League to open Hall of Fame to celebrate 40th anniversary

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K League is opening a Hall of Fame to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year and will soon begin selecting the first inductees.

K League's very first season was back in 1983 meaning the upcoming season will mark 40 years since its establishment. The purpose of the K League Hall of Fame is to select the players, coaches, and officials who have shone in the K League over the past 40 years and honor their performances and achievements.

The"K League Hall of Fame consists of three categories: "STARS," "LEADERS" and "HONORS." The player category is for those who have made great achievements as players and the leader category is for those who have made great achievements as coaches. In addition to players and leaders, contributors will be selected as those who have contributed to the development of the K League in various fields.

Starting this year, a total of six players will be selected every two years, four in the player category and one in the leader and contributor categories. In particular, in this year's player category, the best player for each of the past 10 years will be selected to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the K League.

The process of selecting inductees will be conducted by the K League Hall of Fame Inductees Selection Committee". The first selection committee will be chaired by former Sports Seoul editor-in-chief Kim Ho-gon, former Suwon FC chief Park Jae-young, former secretary-general of the Professional Sports Association Ahn Ki-heon, Lee Jong-sung, a sports industry professor at Hanyang University, and Han Joon-hee a Coupang football commentator.

Candidates for the player category will be selected by the internal committee after looking at about 200 players who meet the conditions, including 300 or more games, 100 goals, 100 clean sheets, top scorers or assister makers in a single season, players named in the season's Best XI, and winners of the MVP award.

The selection committee will select 15 candidates representing each decade, and the final four inductees will be determined by combining the results of the selection committee's own vote, team representative vote, media vote, and fan vote. The fan vote will be held online in February. Specific voting methods and proportions by sector will be disclosed later. The contributors in the leaders and contributors category are directly selected by the selection committee.

The final selection of inductees will be completed in March. Since then, the K League Hall of Fame will announce and commemorate the achievements of the first inductees through various events throughout the year, including on-site trophy events, donation certificates, Q&A sessions, and invitations to home games of their clubs.