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2023 K League 2 Kits

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Kits, strips, uniforms, jerseys... whatever you call them, one of the most anticipated days of the year for football fans is kit release day. We've put together a thread of all kits in K League 2 this season...

Ansan Greeners

Ansan Greeners released their kit and reiterated the club's slogan for the 2023 season is "With the citizens, free and innovative city of Ansan."

FC Anyang

FC Anyang's new kit celebrates the club's 10th anniversary and is released under the concept of ‘ONE ’N ONLY VIOLET’.

Bucheon FC 1995

Bucheon FC 1995's new kits have a "classic" concept with the shirts having a collar and buttons.

Busan IPark

Busan IPark are sticking with the shield design for their new home kit having brought it back last year, a classic look that harks back to the club's earlier years.

Cheonan City

Newcomers Cheonan City will be decked out in sky blue for their debut season in K League.

Chungbuk Cheongju

The other new team in K League 2, Chungbuk Cheongju, have gone for dark blue with red detail.

Chungnam Asan

Chungnam Asan say their new kit has been designed especially for them by the manufacturer Mizuno. This is the club's third year wearing blue having initially began life as a citizen club in yellow.

Gimcheon Sangmu

Gimcheon Sangmu have kept the camouflage design for their kits but with a new theme, that being 'AGAIN 2021' as the club look to win a second K League 2 title in three seasons.

Gimpo FC

For their second season at K League level, Gimpo FC will be looking to be a bit bolder as "bold" is the theme of the team's new kit design.

Gyeongnam FC

Gyeongnam FC's sees the club keep the trademark black stripe across a red background and with a monochrome crest, only this time it's gold not black.

Jeonnam Dragons

Jeonnam Dragons' new kits have a V theme as the club look to bounce back from last year and record more victories.

Seongnam FC

Seongnam's new kits have a classic feel to them with a collar and buttons. The general themes are "passion" and "pride" as the club look to make an instant return to K League 1.

Seoul E-Land

Seoul E-Land's "LEOUL-BEAT"-themed kits are out and there is a more pronounced leopard print this year.