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Announcement: K League Hall of Fame's first candidates

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K League has announced the first 60 candidates for this year's Hall of Fame as part of the league's 40th-anniversary celebrations.

Launched this year and to receive inductees every two years, the K League Hall of Fame is split into three categories, STARS (players), LEADERS (managers), and HONORS (other notable contributors). Four players will be inducted this year, one in each of the four generations since the K League was founded 40 years ago. 

The K League Hall of Fame candidate selection committee selected 60 final candidates after internal discussions among more than 200 retired players who met the basic conditions for candidacy. The 60 candidates were divided into 15 candidates for each of the four generations, taking into account the retirement time, debut time, age, and peak years.

For the final 60 candidates, the selection committee's own vote, club representative vote, media vote, and fan vote will each count for 25% and be added up to generate a final voting score, and the one with the highest score for each generation will be selected as the final inductee. The fan vote will be held for a total of 10 days from March 1st to 10th. Participation can be made through the K League website and official applications.

The final selection will be announced in March. K League will later announce and commemorate the achievements of the first inductees in the history of the "K League Hall of Fame" through various events throughout the year, including on-site events, commemorative videos, and an induction ceremony.

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First Generation

Kang Deuk-soo, Kim Yong-se, Park Kyung-hoon, Park Sung-hwa, Park Yoon-ki, Baek Jong-chul, Lee Tae-ho, Chung Yong-hwan, Chung Hae-won, Cho Keung-yeon, Cho Min-kook, Cho Byung-deuk, Choi Kang-hee, Choi Soon-ho, Ham Hyun-gi

Second Generation

Ko Jeong-woon, Kim Bong-gil, Kim Joo-sung, Kim Pan-keun, Kim Hyun-seok, Rade Bogdanović, Park Tae-ha, Shin Eui-son (Valeri Sarychev), Shin Hong-gi, Yoon Sang-chul, Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Heung-sil, Ha Seok-ju, Hong Myung-bo, Hwangbo Kwan

Third Generation

Ko Jong-soo, Kim Do-hoon, Kim Byung-ji, Roh Sang-rae, Denis Laktionov, Mato Neretljak, Saša Drakulić, Seo Jung-won, Shin Tae-yong, Adilson dos Santos, Ahn Jung-hwan, Woo Sung-yong, Yoo Sang-chul, Lee Woon-jae, Choi Yong-soo

Fourth Generation

Kwak Tae-hwi, Kim Nam-il, Kim Do-heon, Kim Yong-dae, Kim Eun-jung, Mauricio Molina, Eninho, Lee Dong-gook, Lee Chun-soo, Jung Jo-gook, Choi Tae-uk, Choi Hyo-jin, Ha Dae-sung, Hwang Jin-sung

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