The K LEAGUE YOUTH TRUST is a talent development system that focuses in the assessment of each club's youth development programs. This program has been an ongoing project for the League since July 2016 in order to optimize the level of operation of each club's youth development system and strengthen their programs. This YOUTH TRUST will be used to assess the current level of clubs in several areas to secure the quality of youth players and suggest future improvement plans.

In collaboration with a team of researchers the project has been underway since last year. By benchmarking successful youth development programs from leagues overseas, several core areas and step-by-step requirements have been determined and set as a standard. With these guidelines the league has visited the clubs twice and interviewed the team officials, observed the training sessions and with the findings put together a diagnosis report.

The diagnosis report presents a total of nine fields in youth development. Each field is divided into:

  • - Vision
  • - Player pool expansion and player recruitment
  • - Organization
  • - Organization
  • - Facilities
  • - Match participation
  • - Player progression
  • - Productivity